ODEX recently announced that they’ll be having a special screening of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry at the end of this month on one day only! check the post for the details.

Originally released in May this year in Japan, the movie basically is about the wizards of the Fairy Tail guild being tasked to retrieve the Dragon Cry, a staff of immense power. Here’s the official synopsis:

The wizards of the Fairy Tail guild are tasked with retrieving the Dragon Cry, a mystical staff of cataclysmic power. When Natsu and his friends infiltrate the Stella Kingdom to recover the staff, Natsu undergoes a dangerous transformation as his dragon slayer instincts awaken.

The movie will be screened on 29 July 2017 at GSC Mid Valley, 4PM. Each ticket costs RM150 but they come with a lot of goodies, including these bits of loot:

• 3x Character Bromide (Japan import Signature Card)
• 1x Story Board Booklet (Japan import)
• 1x Porcelain Tea Cup
• 1x A4 Plastic Folder
• 1x A2 Poster

If you’re interested in grabbing a ticket, they can be purchased here.