Yumi Nakata’s erotic comedy manga, Okusama ga Seitokaicho!/My Wife is the Student Council President! or おくさまが生徒会長! is confirmed to be adapted into anime that is set to show up in July 2015 lineup. Her previous work, Chu-Bra!! is adapted into a 12 episode TV anime series back in 2010 by ZEXCS.

The announcement
The announcement

This particular manga has been serialized in the Monthly Comic Rex since October 2011 and has just released its seventh tankubon volume few days ago. The story talks about Hayato Izumi who is a vice president of student council at his school after being trounced in the election by a cute girl, Ui Wakana. After the election is won, she suddenly shows up at his house and declares that she is supposed to be his wife so they must stay together. The male protagonist does not find this amusing but little that he know that is prearranged by their parents. Hilarity ensues.

Studio Seven (Ai Mai Mi, Strange+) based in Tokyo will be animating the series with Dream Creation producing for the project. Hiroyuki Furukawa who did character design and animation director for both Strange series and director for second season of it will be the director for this one. Dax Production will be doing the sound production.

No news on who will be doing the voice acting for the series and this looks like a light hearted if ecchi/erotic comedy series at its best.

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