In what can be described as an incredible stroke of luck, a hacker who was impersonating competitive Overwatch player Kephrii gets matched up against the actual Kephrii, hilarity ensues.

Kephrii is known to be one of the best Widowmaker players in the world, and well, this hacker was using his very same handle and using an aimbot to get impossible hits. While it’s relatively common for people to impersonate top players, what are the odds of landing in the same match with them?

Despite the cheating, Kephrii manages to defeat the fake Kephrii, even after the faker changes to Tracer and still gets beat.

“It’s kind of flattering that he thought to name his aimbot account after me, but he’s still a dick for hacking,” Kephrii writes in the video’s description.

You can watch the whole thing below: