After the longest time, Blizzard has finally released a Deathmatch mode for Overwatch, and they’ve also revealed a new map!

Overwatch is mostly about teamwork, which is why Blizzard was hesitant to make a deathmatch mode. But since they’ve added the Arcade, it’s open an avenue for developers to open game modes that normally wouldn’t have made their way to quick play or competitive rotation.

The new mode will allow eight players to face off in a free-for-all, where only eliminations matter. You’ll still collect Arcade loot boxes as long as you end up being in the top half of players in a match.

As for the new map, it’s Chateau Guillard, which used to be Widowmaker’s home before her husband died. You can check it out here:

Or if you want to see the whole dev update, hit this video:

The new mode is playable on the game’s public test realm on PC.