Guess what? I’m not a fan of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Bite me. I don’t hate the movie. In fact, the visuals are pretty damn amazing, as one would expect from del Toro. But besides Ramin Djawadi’s brilliant score, I didn’t find the movie entirely memorable. With that said, I’m not really excited for Pacific Rim: Uprising

However, I am curious. I’m curious to see what Steven S. DeKnight who directed the season finale of Daredevil Season 1 has got to offer in his feature film directorial debut. Check out the teaser trailer below: 

The season finale of DaredeviSeason 1 was wonderfully directed by Steven S. DeKnight, so I’m confident he’ll do a competent job behind the camera. My only hope is that Pacific Rim: Uprising puts more emphasis on its story and characters, something that this teaser trailer does not highlight at all. This teaser feels more like a special “GET HYPED” clip made for the Comic Con audience and does not divulge any plot details. It doesn’t really highlight any of the characters either, besides John Boyega dropping a one-liner. But perhaps the news that bothers me the most is that Ramin Djawadi isn’t coming back to score this film. Instead, that task will fall in the hands of John Paesano, who previously worked on the Maze Runner franchise and also Netflix’s Daredevil. He’s competent enough, but he’s no Ramin Djawadi, who since the previous Pacific Rim has gone on to score Game of Thrones and Westworld.