Start a Successful Graphic Design Firm with These Simple Tips

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Whether you’re passionate about graphic design or merely interested in the money-making opportunity that this ever-expanding industry provides, there are significant benefits to be gained from starting your own graphic design firm. After all, every website, brand, and product requires someone to create logos, advertising materials, infographics, landing page backgrounds, and so many other services that a well-rounded graphic design firm can provide. From a profitability standpoint, if you’re only operating as a one-man show, you’ll eventually hit personal limits that will put a cap on the overall income potential of the business.

What’s gonna happen at the 2019 League of Legend World Championship?

League of Legends

We are only a couple of months away for the League of Legends Wolrd Championship in Europe, and there’s bound to be many speculating on who’s going to win this year. Will China continue to hold on to their win from last year or will South Korea make a comeback and once more, lift the championship trophy like they always have prior to last year.

Jabra Elite 65T – An Elite among earbuds

We’re certainly no stranger to Jabra’s Elite range of earbuds, what with their extensive collection of audio devices for every lifestyle and every function. We recently got to give one of the latest members of their Elite lineup a go, more after the jump.

This Pikachu lamp is here to light up your life

We’re certainly no stranger to Pikachu shaped and inspired merch, with Nintendo’s Pokemon mascot almost being the literal face of the company at this point.

What Makes League of Legends So Great?

League of Legends main image

League of Legends has firmly established itself as the most enduringly popular game in the world. It continually dominates the Twitch and YouTube viewing charts and it attracts millions of gamers to Summoner’s Rift on a daily basis.

uTorrent and Other Clients: The List of the Best Alternatives for All Users

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If you are one of the 100 million users of the uTorrent client, immediately update it to the latest version. In November 2017, Google Project Zero experts reported a vulnerability that BitTorrent (the company that owns uTorrent) immediately eliminated. Initially, the patch was applied only to the beta version of the program, but so far it has received a stable version. However, it is logical to ask, do people have other alternatives for downloading?

Wagering on CS: GO: Advice for Beginners

The realm of eSports is developing at an incredibly fast pace; this is widely due to the fact that betting is an utterly exciting pastime, and nothing battles the feeling you experience when you win. Perhaps the game that best grasps the quintessential core of betting is CS go.

Plarium Delivers Engaging Fantasy RPG with “Raid: Shadow Legends”

Raid: Shadow Legends main

For many players out there, RPGs are how they first got into the world of gaming, while fantasy novels have always excited their imagination. When you bring these two together, you have a recipe for success. Developer Plarium delivers a new title that fits this brief perfectly with Raid: Shadow Legends, combining stunning visuals with intensive gameplay.

4 best game genres for those with a competitive streak

poker chips and cards

If the best part of a video game or online game is the adrenaline thrill that comes with being incredibly close to winning, or being a winner, then chances are you might have a competitive streak. There are many games out there that are perfect for those who wish to play against the computer, or a group of like-minded friends.

How to Compress Video File Sizes to Minimize the Space Used on iPhone

It often happens that you need to upload a video onto your iPhone. It can be music clips, short cartoons or movies. The main problem that occurs here is the size of the film. Sooner or later large films can occupy all the space on your iPhone. In these cases, therefore, it is necessary to find a solution that can be used immediately. Let’s see how you can add more movies to your smartphone and keep some free space at the same time.