A Basic Guide to Online Poker Strategies

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Many people often have a problem when it comes to playing online poker. Even those who have won many times in local casinos always find the switch challenging.

The Crew 2 closed beta is coming this end May

The Crew 2 image main

Ubisoft today announced that the Closed Beta for The Crew 2 will be taking place at the end of this month, from 31 May. Interested in an early slice of it? You can take part by signing up here at thecrewgame.com/beta.

The Overwatch League All-Access Pass rewards are now available

Overwatch League rewards away skins

The rewards for the Overwatch League All-Access Pass for May is now redeemable. Teased at the end of Stage 3, the twelve ‘away hero skins’ are now available for selection for those who signed up for the All-Access Pass. Not sure what the deal entails? We discussed it in depth here.


The good thing about our technology today is that you can access large volumes of data in seconds. Many people are fond of asking people to ‘Google-it’ every time they are asked a question.

The Most Popular Online Slot Games

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If we look at online casino games, slot games are growing in popularity with each passing day. Here we review the best ones in the online gaming world. Exciting bonus games, true 3D animation, free spins, the biggest jackpots, guess that’s enough to get you going!

Looks like a mobile version of Call of Duty: Black Ops is in the works

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A mobile version of popular FPS game, Call of Duty is in the works according to the recruitment page of the London-based games development company, King Digital Entertainment.  

Sakura Wars returns with a new game set in the Taisho Era

Sakura Wars 2018

Popular adventure role-playing and dating simulator Sakura Wars is making a come back. Details of the new game are scarce but Sega properly confirms that it will be a brand-new entry for the long-running Sega exclusive.

How to run Android apps with ARC Welder

If you are one of those people who are absolutely nuts about all the geeky stuff, then dive right into this post – here is the place for you!

The Companies That Changed The Face of Digital Watches

Every year, new digital watch brands come along and hope to earn a place on your wrist. In a bid to be noticed, some are weird and wacky, some are quite cool, and others totally play to your nostalgia, but in all honesty, these brands find it tough to compete against companies who have been there long before them. If your brand isn’t called Seiko, Casio, or Apple, then, as the South Park meme goes, “You’re gonna have a bad time.”

This Heroes of the Storm trailer for its new mecha skins is all kinds of awesome

Mecha Storm Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm may not exactly have the popularity of DOTA 2 or League of Legends when it comes to the realm of MOBA games but they do know how to make up for it with style. Their latest teaser for their news skins is a pretty good indicator for that.