How to Be a Top Professional with AWS Certification

Amazon is known for the provision of Cloud computing platforms to companies or individuals through paid or free subscriptions. The popularity of their services prompted them to develop certification programs. AWS train individuals on how to operate AWS software for companies that use them.

Best Apps Travellers going abroad

Life without apps would be tedious and absolutely not interesting. Moreover, it would be silly. Why? Because apps can be really helpful in everyday life. Especially, they are valuable when travelling abroad. But what apps are the best for travelling overseas or wherever? Let’s review some of them.

How To Create A Custom Email Signature For Outlook?

Email correspondence is an essential part of every business. Everyone uses it. However, not everyone knows how to get the most of it.

Actuator Manufacturing Process

Linear actuators are constructed the way, they are capable to perform the most effective linear motion possible. The construction characteristics must be aimed at converting different forms of energy into mechanical energy to produce the linear motion. Thus, the wise minds of manufacturing companies are always working over the improvement of linear actuators and bringing them to the most advantageous process of developing.

Our Sanrio Times is waiting for you!

Easily the biggest Sanrio expo to ever set foot in Malaysia, The Our Sanrio Times is not to miss for any Hello Kitty fan!

Acer Malaysia wraps up 2018 with the world’s lightest 15-inch laptop

Acer Malaysia Wraps Up 2018 by previewing a slew of new products just ahead of the holidays.

How Do Vacuum Actuators Work?

Being one of the most interesting actuator types, vacuum actuators work by artificially creating a state of vacuum inside of enclosed spaces. Today, we want to discuss a question – how do vacuum actuators work? But before we start, we need to clarify some concepts.

Cell’s at Work’s Platelet and Goblin Slayer Nendoroids unveiled

Cells at work and Goblin slayer Nendoroid

If there was one Nendoroid that’s highly anticipated by the weeb masses, it’s got to be Cells at Work’s kawaii and chibi Platelet. Well for those of you who’ve been waiting in anticipation, Good Smile Company has finally unveiled the popular anime character in her Nendoroid form together with the not so cute but cool Goblin Slayer from the Goblin Slayer manga/anime.

Genting sues Fox and Disney for US$1.75 billion for pulling out of theme park deal

Fox world Genting
Concept Art of Fox World Genting

If you’ve been wondering what’s been taking the expected Fox theme park in Genting Highlands so long to open, this piece of news will likely be the answers. Looks like the theme park might not even open in the first place, or at least not as a Fox themed one.

How to Help Your Loved One with Internet Addiction

The rapid development of computer technology and the Internet brought to our lives a new bad habit, in some cases even a disease, called Internet addiction. Today, this problem is quite urgent.