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Godzilla Resurgence

The next Godzilla film named Godzilla Resurgence

TOHO's Shin Godzilla film will be named Godzilla Resurgence for western markets, with them releasing promo materials for the film earlier this week. The new film...

Godzilla vs King Kong is happening, but in 2020

Remember when Legendary announced that Godzilla and King Kong were going to duke it out in a new film? they've just confirmed that Godzilla...

Mikasa versus Godzilla, who will win?

Mikasa Ackermann is the main star of this CGI short which she is going to square off against Godzilla 2014

A new Japanese Godzilla Movie is coming in 2016

Japan is finally making a new Godzilla movie after 12 years and you're going to jump when you read who's directing it

King Kong and Godzilla are going to duke it out in Kong’s next big...

We're looking forward to some serious monster mayhem when this movie comes out

Godzilla in Pacific Rim? Really?!

A possible crossover between Godzilla and Pacific Rim Jaegers? Yes! Please!

New Godzilla game stomping in this July


The last Neon Genesis Evangelion finally gets a teaser

After holding fans in suspense for about half a decade, the last film in Neon Genesis Evangelion's revival franchise finally gets a teaser. This teaser...

Colossal review

Colossal just might be one of the best Kaiju movies ever made. Full disclosure, though. I've never really been a fan of monster movies. Kong: Skull...

Kong: Skull Island Review

Is Kong still King or is the old age ape too long in the tooth for modern audiences?