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Donnie Yen to star in Star Wars?

The martial arts mega-star might be joining the cast of Star Wars?

Oscar winner Forest Whittaker is confirmed for Star Wars: Rogue One

This Oscar winner is set to join the spin-off of Star Wars

Star Wars: Rogue One is full steam ahead

A spinoff of Star Wars universe is set in motion and will be gracing the cinemas next year.

FOX ‘s Minority Report is on

TV series of Minority Report is confirmed by FOX with Spielberg as the producer.

Rokka no Yuusha has a visual key and trailer now

Another light novel adaptation into anime series but the story is slightly different from others,

More developments on Star Wars!

New developments on the eighth movie of the famous space opera franchise plus some information on spin offs. It is a good time to be a Star Wars fan.

Atari engineer Steve Bristow passes away

Video game pioneer Steve Bristow, an engineer during Atari's early days passed away last Sunday.

Video Games Live! is coming back to Malaysia!

After a three year absence we're finally going to get a show in August

Breaking Bad in Star Trek?

Someone might have some conversations and making bad break in new Star Trek movie. Fast and furious style with bad break indeed.

Pacific Rim might be a trilogy?

There's going to be two more, not one Pacific Rim movie.