The Pakistani Storm
The Pakistani Storm
The Pakistani Storm. PHOTO:

E-sports is growing more prestigious with every passing year – TI 2015’s prize money is surpassing US$15 million being the direct example of this.

It is also an arena that made immortal legends out of ordinary people and this is the story of the rising Pakistani storm, Sumail Hassan Syed aka Suma1L from Karachi. The 15 year old who emigrated to America not long ago, helped his team, the Evil Geniuses to secure one of the most stunning victory over Chinese Vici Gaming at Dota 2 Asian Championships. The tournament prize money is worth US$1.2 million and it is held in February 2015 at Shanghai. His main choice of character is the Storm Spirit.

This is the description of his exploit in that tournament by Bloomberg:

Evil Geniuses was the third seed but, with Sumail’s help, it made it to the finals. Its opponent was a Chinese team called Vici Gaming, and the packed arena’s crowd was against them. In the first five minutes of Game Three—the last of the final—Sumail got killed four times without scoring a single kill. It was a devastating start, and the announcers said the game was basically over. But when the other team started scattering players, Sumail struck.

His avatar weakened, he shot across the field in a lightning ball and somehow scored four kills in two minutes, to the disbelief of the opposing team and the announcers commenting for the live crowd. Minutes later, he darted out of the woods to help his teammates in a skirmish and, in an explosion of fire and lightning, blasted three more enemy players to death. Before Vici could respond, Sumail rushed up the center of the map and secured the Ancient, winning the game and the tournament for Evil Geniuses. By the end, the crowd was chanting his name.”

After one month as a professional gamer, he has already made US$200,000 personally. Being a celebrity player, his Twitter account has amassed more than 30,000 followers and his imitators are already trying to copy his prowess. Fans are giddy with the fact that he will face another legend, ex-Evil Geniuses Artour “Arteezy” Babaev who is playing for Team Secret (1st rank team). The latter left the Evil Geniuses last December which allowed Sumail to fill in the slot so fans are clamoring for a match up between these two.

He will be one of the players to watch during The International for sure.

Source: Bloomberg & Youtube

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