paparich nasi lemak main

It’s amazing how far the PappaRich franchise has grown over the years. With branches all over Malaysia and overseas in Singapore and Australia, they’ve done pretty well for themselves. However, the latest marketing push by their Australian branch could do with a little improvement.

Why? Because PappaRich Australia latest’s nasi lemak ad seems to give the impression that we eat the dish with chopsticks. Yes, I kid you not, CHOPSTICKS.

Not that we’re offended, but considering that PappaRich is a Malaysian brand, you’d think they’d at least educate their Australian franchisee’s the proper way to eat the dish. And it’s not like Malaysian food is a new thing in the country as there’s been a surge of popularity for it in Australia over the last couple of years.

The image was to promote the food outlets nasi lemak promo, offering the dish at pretty value for money price of AUS$2. Great promo price guys but uh, that image could use a little bit of change.

papparich nasi lemak chopstick
Dear Australians, this is not how you eat nasi lemak

The original image showed two Caucasian customers “enjoying” their nasi lemak dish in PappaRich using chopsticks. At the time of this article’s publishing, that particular image has already been taken down and replaced with an overhead shot of just the nasi lemak dish. But guess what hasn’t been taken out? Yes, the chopsticks.

Seriously PappaRich, don’t give Australians the wrong idea on how we eat Nasi Lemak! It’s great you removed the original image but why don’t you just remove the chopsticks from the new one and just replace it with your regular ole fork and spoon?

paparich nasi lemak 2
No, seriously we DON’T eat nasi lemak with chopsticks

Since the post went viral, there’s been quite a bit of response from Malaysian netizens ranging from rage (no surprise there) to amusement. Whatever it is though, looks like PappaRich Australia has managed to grab some massive attention on its AUS$2 nasi lemak deal. That’s a win isn’t it?