The new Pepsi Ghost Bottles

Pepsi Japan is known for producing some pretty weird limited edition flavours like salted watermelon and cucumber, but these spooky Pepsi Ghost drinks take the mystery to the next level.

This new “flavour” is actually made just for the Halloween season and come in flavours mysteriously hidden till you actually drink it. The bottles come in a wide variety of holiday-centric designs featuring the usual Halloween fare like mummies, ghosts and witches with an innocent “Mystery Flavour” tacked onto it.

This is quite similar to the “Anything” and “Whatever” mystery drinks that were on our own shelves a few years back, except that these are a lot less obvious. They look like a completely plain bottle of Pepsi, and that’s the worst part.

We don’t actually know what flavours are in the drink but the guys over at RocketNews24 gave them a go and the best they could come up with was Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Pumpkin. There could possibly be many more flavours such as candy corn, popcorn, marshmallow or maybe caramel-apple flavours hiding out there but we probably will never know for certain. Maybe for every few bottles of Pepsi, there’s a Pepsi Max hiding in there somewhere?

It is unlikely we will get these drinks locally unless somewhere is importing the stuff, but we would definitely like to get our hands on some if they ever do show up.

So the question is, would you drink it?