With YouTube‘s latest advertisement policies going into effect, popular YouTuber Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie has pledged to make his channel more “family friendly”.

Kjellberg has been involved in a fair bit of drama as of late, and with the new policies, more than a third of his videos have gotten demonetized. As such, he is (satirically) stated that he will rework the kind of content on his channel, no more Hitler jokes, no more swearing:

“No more swearing, no more sexual jokes and definitely no more Hitler jokes,” PewDiePie says. “I wish I was joking, I’m not. It seems that YouTube has made some changes and about a third of my videos have become demonetized. I’m going to have [to be] family friendly from now on so I don’t go homeless.

Those who don’t know Pewds (what rock have you been living under?) his somewhat inappropriate jokes and general demeanor isn’t exactly a sparkling paragon of family friendly. Unfortunately, he has to change his tone or accept less ad deals with the new advertisement policy.

Even then, he’s still one of the most watched and subscribed to YouTubers on the scene so it’s still safe to say he’s likely still one of the highest earning YouTubers on the planet.

As for more recent events, YouTube has made it more difficult for creators to get paid, following big companies starting to pull advertising after finding out their ads were placed alongside videos with questionable content. Pewds doesn’t actually look too interested in making his channel actually family friendly but he will be having a weekly show over at Twitch, which has its own set of rules and ethics.