gumi Inc. has announced that their tactics mobile game Phantom of the Kill is finally getting an international release and will come with the “Killer Princes” content expansion.

The company ,which has produced other games for mobile such as Monster Maidens, Knight Wars and Dragon Genesis, are no strangers to RPGs for Android and iOS.

The game itself is quite beautifully crafted, and the expansion will bring about the male manifestations of the “Killer Princesses” who battle demons in the phantom universe in this strategy RPG. The update will also focus on the darker regions of the game which are currently playable in japan, along with new heroes, missions, stories, optimizations as well as Facebook integration to make it easy to transfer save files between devices.

“When we developed Phantom of the Kill, we created it with tightly focused gameplay, beautiful art, and an epic sweeping story in mind,” said Jun Imaizumi, Executive Producer of Phantom of the Kill. “We know players in the West have already been finding ways to experience the game, so when we confirmed it for a Western launch, we wanted to add an extra layer of gameplay, story, and art.”

Phantom of the Kill’s English release will become available for download sometime this winter season, but you can pre-register through their site here to get dibs on the game.