Not resting on their laurels of the successful release of Inside Out this year, Pixar has another offering for 2015 – The Good Dinosaur. Directed by Peter Sohn (Partly Cloudy), the movie is also the first full length directorial debut of Sohn. The movie was originally under the director Bob Peterson (Up).

The movie takes place on an alternate Earth where the dinosaurs still rule the planet; after the asteroid missed it. The story focuses on Arlo (Raymond Ochoa), a young Apatosaurus who got separated from his family and was forced to brave the dangerous wild in search of his family. Along the way, he stumbles upon Spot (Jack Bright) the human.

The trailer showcases the photo-realistic background in stunning detail and beauty, the director Sohn once described the nature as the “antagonist” in the story. One can sense the duality of the nature here – a peaceful, serene and inviting then life threatening and viciously dangerous at other time. It is remarkable to think there is only dialogue in the whole trailer here, underlining how captivating the background is.

The Good Dinosaur voice cast line up are Jeffrey Wright (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 & 2), Frances McDormand (Olive Kitteridge), Sam Elliott (Justified), Anna Paquin (True Blood), and Steve Zahn (Dallas Buyers Club). Not forgetting the leads Raymond Ochoa and Jack Bright (Monsters University).

The movie is set for cinemas on 25 November 2015.

via Pixar/Disney Youtube

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