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For many players out there, RPGs are how they first got into the world of gaming, while fantasy novels have always excited their imagination. When you bring these two together, you have a recipe for success. Developer Plarium delivers a new title that fits this brief perfectly with Raid: Shadow Legends, combining stunning visuals with intensive gameplay.

Plarium: An Established Name in Strategy and RPG Games

Founded in 2009, Plarium is the studio behind the hit title Total Domination, which was quickly embraced by millions of players worldwide. Specializing in strategy MMOs, the company again hit the jackpot with titles such as Stormfall: Age of War and Soldiers Inc., which both amassed a wide following on Facebook. With games like Vikings: War of Clans or Terminator Genisys: Future War based on the popular Terminator film series under its belt, Plarium has proven it can deliver engaging content that puts a new spin on tried and tested genres. This is true once again in the case of Raid: Shadow Legends, which is inspired by a Tolkien-style world where champions fight for survival and glory.

Raid: Shadow Legends – The New F2P Mobile Game for Fantasy Fans

Raid Shadow Legends 2

The game is a typical free-to-play mobile game from a developer that has been active in both browser-based and mobile games, and is available as a mobile gaming app. While Raid: Shadow Legends was launched as a mobile title and is only available as such for the time being, Plarium is also known to create both browser-based and mobile versions of its most popular titles, so we might see further developments on that. The game also contains the option for in-game purchases for players who want to buff up their champions quickly. The gameplay is crafted in such a way that premium players will never get an advantage on F2P gamers based on in-game monetization elements alone. In Raid: Shadow Legends it is a combination of grinding through the game’s levels, fighting skills, strategy, and picking the right champions that will get you through to the end.

Assemble Your Team from a Selection of over 300 Champions

Set in the fictional land of Teleria, this new title sees players take their pick out of over 300 playable champions across 16 factions, including Orcs, Elves, Lizard Men and the Undead. Once the champion team is assembled, the player battles their way through a set of dreadful bosses to earn loot and XP, as well as unlock features and more than 1 million distinct builds. This variety offers a high replay factor, and the player can start over by choosing a different starting hero each time among the four available, as Elhain, Athel, Kael and visually stunning Galek all have their advantages. The game offers an excellent PvE playing mode as well as a captivating PvP arena to challenge your friends and earn rewards.In a genre where everything has been done over and over again, Raid: Shadow Legends is a promising title that combines the right elements to deliver a balanced and exciting result. If fantasy RPGs rock your boat, you can’t really go wrong with giving this new gem a try.