Key visual for Plastic Memories
Key visual for Plastic Memories

Dogakobo has just given us a preview of the upcoming TV anime series, Plastic Memories. So far, the synopsis is quite sparse, but so far we know it is set in a near future and focuses on a slice of life type story of a female robot themed around “encounters and separations”. An android manufacturer, SA Corporation developed a very lifelike android known as Giftia but met with an unexpected ethical issue when the androids were nearing the end of their service life. A new employee, Tsukasa Mizugaki teams up with one such android, Giftia Isla to retrieve the “dying androids”.

Second Visual Key
Second Visual Key

Latest issue of Dengeki G showcased two new key visuals for series. One of them is showing a clumsy Isla which might be a large hint on what kind of character she would be.

First Visual Key
First Magazine Visual Key
Second Visual Key
Second Magazine Visual Key

Written by Naotaka Hayashi,  famous for Steins;Gate and features character design by okiura who did illustrations for the Infinite Stratos light novels. The series will be directed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (Ao no Exorcist, GJ-bu) and  producer Chiaki Nakajima (Higashi no Eden, GJ-bu) The tweet announcing the new series can be seen below:

No announcement yet on casting or date of airing, but the official character designs are already out.

Source & Images: Home Site

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