The PlayBox 4ONe MK II
Two gaming consoles in one… AGIAN!

Looks like Ed from Ed’s Junk is at it again and this time he is accepting orders! Previously, Ed had created a custom console housing laptop called the PlayBox 4One Laptop which housed  two competing consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, in one console housing with it’s own 22-inch screen. Back then you had to personally contact Ed and send him your systems to be fit into the housing to get yourself your own PlayBox. Now hardcore gamers can order directly from Ed via paypal with the consoles themselves included.

The improved model, the PlayBox4One Laptop MK II has a few notable differences that the previously model didn’t have. The first notable thing is that he has changed the monitor size and has made the laptop slightly wider. The reason is that he has changed from the usual 22-inch monitor to a 24 -inch monitor due to supply problems but by increasing the overall length of the housing it has given the creator more space to include on the machine. Unlike the previous model, he did not have enough space to include all the external features of both the Ps4 and Xbox One, so some had to be sacrificed, however, in the updated model he has included the USB ports for the Xbox One that he previously sacrificed and has allowed for more heat vents. Sadly, he has still not found a solution for integrating the Ps4 camera and the Xbox Kinect into the housing.

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Other than those changes, the MK II is identical to the first model with Wi-Fi support, Smart HDMI switcher, and HDMI cable support for those who want to play on a bigger screen. However, unlike the previous model, he is now accepting online orders for the MK II.

Interested parties will have to put down a total of USD $2,595 (about RM 10,062) for a MK II without any additional extras modification.The creator does offer graphical customization for the MK II, but within reason as it takes him roughly 2-3 weeks to finish a basic model. Furthermore, to secure a place on the waiting list for a PlayBox, a deposit of USD $1,200 (about RM 4653) is required and he will contact the interested party about any extras for the model and it’s progress. He, however, does remind international customers that the set up works using a 110v AC power brick and should find the appropriate step down transformer to avoid complications.

Each PlayBox 4One MK II is unique in its own right as Ed is always finding ways to improve the model as he goes and that excludes the special extras that is requested.

More information about the PlayBox 4One MK II and how to get one is available here.

Source Ed’s Junk

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