Malaysian gamers and fans, you can finally head out and purchase the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro now as it’s been officially released in the country according to an announcement that was made via the official Playstation Asia Facebook page.

We reported on the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Pro previously, and it was scheduled for an initial release in certain markets on 10 November. Although the retail price for most countries, including Malaysia was revealed (RM1799), an actual release date was not confirmed.

It seems now that fans in Malaysia won’t have an agonisingly long wait to get their hands on the new console as Malaysia is also releasing the console today (10 November 2016).

According to the Sony Playstation Asia Facebook page, you can head to Sony Centres around the country to get the console. There are limited units available at the moment and according to the Facebook page, customers are advised to contact the Sony Centres to confirm availability of stock. You can get a list of Malaysia Sony Centres here.

As for customers who have pre-ordered the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro beforehand, you should be getting your units pretty soon as well. We managed to get in touch with Sony and they said that pre-order batches are expected to reach retailers today (10 November 2016).

We, however, could not ascertain which particular retailers these were and whether they included online e-commerce sites like Lazada, 11thStreet and GemFive. It has been advised that customers who made their orders via those channels to check with the sites themselves for confirmation.

Do tell us if you managed to get your pre-ordered PlayStation 4 Pro or purchase it at an authorised retailer. We’re guessing there are pretty limited stocks available for Malaysia so although it may be officially released here, there might be a bit of a wait till customers will actually be able to get their hands on one. We’re currently reaching out to Sony on the stock availability and restocking schedule, so stay tuned!

And if you don’t mind waiting and still want to get your hands on a PlayStation 4 Pro, you could still pre-order a unit below.

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