Sony still hasn’t officially lifted the lid off the PlayStation 4 Slim but not only have we seen images of the device leak online but an unboxing video and review emerged from the depths of the web.

Somehow or other, reporter Laura Kate Dale managed to get ahold of the system, having previously chided Sony for their unwillingness to change their PR strategy, despite the hardware already being spotted before launch.

As for the device, apart from a slightly improved controller, the console doesn’t operate any different from its original incarnation. It doesn’t get any internal upgrades either, and since it doesn’t upscale to 4K you might actually be better off waiting for the PlayStation Neo; which is supposed to be able to do that.

So generally speaking, changes are pretty much just aesthetic, with the power and eject buttons being clearly labeled and the USB ports being spread further apart on the system’s front.

You can check out their full review here if you want to find out more.