Can’t catch stuff on Pokemon GO if you can’t get to those out of reach places? this adorable drone is here to help.

This tiny yellow drone is a prototype by TRNDlabs; which will help you catch Pokemon on Pokemon GO by spoofing your location to allow you to catch those out of reach digital critters.

You basically clip your phone into the control and you send the drone on its way. It looks very straightforward to use as well, with the drone also being stored in the center of the controller.

But it doesn’t look like the little drone might ever hit the market. For starters TRNDlabs will have to have some kind of agreement with Nintendo to use the Poke-drone name on their product. Second is that spoofing your GPS signal is classified as cheating; on top of Niantic Labs allegedly issuing soft bans on players who fake their locations.

Oh, that and you have to jailbreak your phone just to get this to work.

It’s a super cool concept but we don’t know if they’ll be able to go official; though they say they’re eager to work with Nintendo to make their drone work legit with Pokemon GO.

You can sign up for updates on the drone’s progress here.