pokemon Go watch

For those who’ve been waiting for the release of Nintendo’s wearable Pokemon Go Plus gadget, you’re in for a little more waiting.

Update: It’s been clarified that the delay is to ensure that the device works properly with the game, as opposed to ramping up production of the device for launch.

Announced earlier today on Twitter by Nintendo, the device’s release has been pushed to September, as opposed to being launched this month.

They didn’t give a reason as to why the release is being delayed but it’s likely because they are preparing to ensure there are enough units available at launch to satisfy demand. A potentially very large demand.

Pokemon Go Plus is useable by both iOS and Android users, which is supposed to allow people to play the game without having to have their phones out at all times. When there’s PokeStops or Pokemon nearly, the Bluetooth based unit lights up.

The device will set you back about $34.99 (about RM 142) and it can be worn as either a pin or with a wrist strap.