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Update: Whoops, not even an hour after we posted that non-launch countries can start playing Pokemon GO again, it has reverted back to an empty map. Looks like the access was only temporary and most likely a result of Niantic Lab’s stabilising the servers. Too bad, looks like we’ll have to once again, wait for the official launch of it in our respective countries.

A few days ago we reported that Pokemon GO was not working outside of non-launch countries, with zero spawns of checkpoints and Pokemons. It seems that it isn’t the case anymore as reports have come in that the spawn points and checkpoints are once again up in the game, even if you’re not in an official launch country.

This seems to be a recent development as late as yesterday (Sunday, 10 July), there were still no Pokemon spawns or check points on our map. However, this morning when we opened fired the app up again, all the spawn and check points that were gone on launch day, were back on our app’s map once more.

pokemon go is back
Wooohooo we can play Pokemon GO once more!

And it seems Malaysia (where we’re located) isn’t the only country that has Pokemon GO working for them. According to CNET, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei also seems to work as well. We’re checking with Pokemon GO players from other parts of the South East Asia region and will update the article if they’re working there as well.

One possibility why the game is once again working for non-launch countries could possibly be due to the nearing dates of the game’s global launch and the maps are being repopulated in preparation for that. However if it isn’t, there is a possibility that access might be limited once again, especially since the game has had some connectivity and server issues since launch day. So better go catch all those Pokemon before access is once again restricted to launch countries.

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