Pokemon Go Server down

Although for many of us, playing Pokemon GO isn’t exactly an option (due to being outside launch countries), it seems quite some players in the launch countries, aren’t having the privilege either. That’s because, over the last few days after the launch of the game, the servers have been experiencing crashes, very likely due to the huge number of players that have attempted to access the game.

UPDATE: Looks like the servers are still being stabilised but while that’s being done, it looks like the global rollout of the game will be delayed.

Pokemon servers down
The Pokemon Company

Since the launch, the game has been experiencing server outages and though it’s been several days, Niantic Labs still hasn’t been able to keep the servers stable.

There’s been an outpouring of frustration out on Twitter over the inaccessibility of the game as we can see below:

Hopefully, Niantic Labs and Nintendo can get this fixed soon as we really don’t want this to be a regular occurrence, especially when there’s a few hundred thousand to possibly millions more players joining the game once the global rollout is complete.