Pokemon Go has just sent out a huge amount of EX Raid Invites, following the login issues that happened yesterday.

Players worldwide are getting Raid Invites, which lets players do battle against the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Also, the next wave of EX Raids won’t be limited to sponsored gyms either, with the previous batch happening at locations like Sprint and Starbucks, but those in countries without sponsored gyms will be able to take part as well.

Also, Pokemon Go seems to be tinkering with how long EX Raids run for, with the previous EX Raids lasting between one to three hours, depending on whether or not its a weekend.

If you haven’t been able to pick up a EX Raid Pass yet, you need to at least have participated in a Raid within the last few weeks in order to be able to get one at a Gym. More details on how to snag one here.