The Pokemon Company are releasing a line of limited edition Pikachu merch next week; and one of them is this extra large Pikachu plushie.

Over two feet tall, the pillows are pretty huge, and that’s not even counting their ears. Other merch include fuzzy slippers, keychains and a variety of different sizes of “male and female” plushie variants of the electric mouse.
giant pikachu pillow 2

This isn’t the only gigantic Pokemon plush you could buy though, with Bandai announcing a ridiculously large Snorlax cushion not too long back.
giant pikachu pillow

Apparently only 100 of the gigantic Pikachus will ever be made and a pair will set you back 8000 yen (about RM 281) while the smaller versions will have about 500 units up for grabs. The plushies will go on sale 5 April, so if you happen to be nearby the Pokemon Center don’t miss out!giant pikachu pillow 3