Hinomaru Zumo 1

Sumo is one of the most iconic Japanese sports and martial arts and many anime and manga, especially martial arts related ones, have depicted the sport in their stories. However, Kawada’s Hinomaru Zumō, is one of the few manga that has looked at it as sport worthy of its own manga.

The popular sumo sports club manga has done pretty well in its manga form and now, we finally get to see Ushio Hinomaru and gang animated!

The anime adaptation of manga was announced in the sixth 2018 issue of Shounen Jump, with the cover carrying its announcement. This is apparently the “important announcement” for the manga that was hinted in the combined fourth and fifth 2018 of the weekly manga magazine that was recently released on 25 December.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hinomaru Zumō, it follows Ushio Hinomaru, the main character and namesake of the manga. He has everything that’s needed in a sumo wrestler; strength technique, speed but all except one thing. Size. With a build smaller than most typical sumo wrestlers, the manga follows him as he works his way to the top of the high school sumo wrestling circuit to gain the title, Hinoshita Kaisan, one of the highest ranks in sumo.

The manga was first released in the pages of Shounen Jump back in May 2014 and it’ll be shipping its 18th volume on January 4, 2018. No details on the anime adaptation, aside from the confirmation of it, has been released yet so stay tuned here for more details.