Introducing the Smach Zero , a handheld portable game device that taps into Steam library for games that originally was known as  the Steamboy.

Developed by a company called Smach, the machine is said to be ready for shipping in fourth quarter of 2016 with pre-sale pricing of US$299 (about RM 1175). We do not know what will be the final retail price or if this device will ever show up in Asia market. The potential is there, people can play games that is only previously available on PC while commuting, eating meals etc.

Powered by Steam OS, this machine is “the first handheld console to play Steam games on the go“with “more than 1,000 games“. It is claimed to be capable of running games like Half-Life 2, Civilization V, Dota 2, Tropico 5, BioShock Infinite, and Cities: Skylines.

The company list down the specifications of the device back in June:

1. AMD embedded G-Series SoC “Steppe Eagle” with Jaguar-based CPU and GCN-based Radeon graphics
2. 4 GB RAM memory
3. 32GB internal memory and SD Card Slot
5. 5-inch Touch screen with 720p resolution
6. Configurable tactile gamepads
7. HDMI video output connection
8. Wi-Fi connectivity
9. Bluetooth connectivity
10. 4G mobile network connectivity (PRO model only)

Smach Zero was exhibited at Gamescom but no further details is known at this point. The old advertisement video can be seen below here:

Source: Polygon

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