New Mutants‘ director Josh Boone has just dropped massive hints on his Instagram of a possible lineup for the upcoming follow up to the soon to be released X-Men: Apocalypse.

The director and writer of the project posted pictures of Sunspot, Magik, Cannonball, Warlock, Wolfsbane and Mirage, illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz, who worked on the comics original run.

With Boone’s Instagram postings is the most information available on the New Mutants movie so far. If the character lineup is final, the movie adaptation will follow the original line up with a few creative liberties.

Established as the members of X-Men have grown to adulthood, the New Mutants were selected from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters as an all new team. While the character teased by Boone largely follow the original team from 1983 with a few changes. The initial lineup includes Karma, a teenage mutant capable of mind control, while, Magik and Warlock were a later addition to the team.

However, the teased lineup has not been confirmed and there is a possibility for an addition of Karma to the team.

Details regarding the adaptation of New Mutants are likely to remain a mystery for some time, those who would like to do some investigation should check out Josh Boone’s Instagram here.