powerpuff girls

The Powerpuff girls are back with a new re-imagined series set to debut 9 April on Cartoon Network! and yes, you’ll be able to catch it locally too.

This special cross channel premiere is happening at 10AM, 9 April on Cartoon Network (Astro 616) alongside new episodes of Adventure Time, We Bare Bears and Clarence. The premiere episodes will also be available on sister channel Boomerang (HyppTV 555), Warner TV HD (HyppTV 613) and Oh!K (Astro 394). Last but not least, Astro will be airing two episodes on Astro Ceria (Astro Channel 611) in Bahasa Malaysia on the same day.

The Powerpuff Girls (4)

The new episodes will see the return of sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup (with Professor Utonium) protecting the city of Townsville from evil with their superpowers.

The full series premiere starts on 2 May 2016, so don’t forget to tune in even after the premiere!