KickStarter plays host to a great many crowdfunding projects, both successful or otherwise. But its also home to a surprisingly diverse amount of dice projects which range from the badass to the borderline crazy, and this one’s one of the coolest we’ve seen so far.

Made from bullet resistant glass, the Prism Handmade Bulletproof Glass dice are sharp edged, clear and looking very similar to the styling of Gamescience dice (which sadly are no longer widely available).

Unlike regular dice which are tumbled (and therefore have rounded edges) which bounce around a lot, sharp edged dice tend to stop rather quickly and have more random rolls due to their edges.

Very pretty, and we think they’ll make efficient caltrops in a pinch

Relic Dice, the guys behind say reason why they went for bulletproof glass was cause plastic didn’t quite cut it. The glass they chose makes for surprisingly tough and lightweight pieces and allows the dice come in a huge array of beautiful, clear colours.

The dice will probably put a hole in your foot if you ever accidentally stepped on one. But they shouldn’t really be that sharp. Or are they?

The Prism dice project is running for another 7 days so if you’re keen better check them out while its still live!