Leshrac's new toy
Leshrac’s new toy

The prize pool of The International Dota 2 Championship has hit US$15 million (a whopping RM$ 57 million) according to Valve. The amount is a new milestone as last year it hit US$10.9 million (which is still a lot mind you)

Valve opened the fifth International’s prize poll at the end of April this year with the starting amount of US$1.6 million. At the same time, the company offered the TI5 Compendium, a digital Bible for the tournament including leveling system, challenges for players to complete, rewards and plenty, plenty of microtransanctions.

Higher level players will receive exclusive Compendium only game items such as pets, couriers and skins. As the thing hits higher and higher threshold, more goodies coming in like it is a second Christmas. Some players are complaining that richer players are raising the Compendium levels by throwing tons of money, skewering the game economy.

The TI5 Compendium’s base price is US$10, with a version pre-leveled to 50 available for US$26.99. “Point bundles” begin at US$2.49 for five levels worth of points, all the way up to US$9.99 for 24 levels in Compendium. A quarter of these sales go directly to TI5’s prize pool, which hinting that Valve may amassed nearly US$60 million in overall sales by rough calculation.

Players still can purchase it and unlock goodies in Dota 2 until TI5 has concluded. That means Valve will keep on raking on more profit and more cash for the prize pool too. The tournament is set to start from 3 August 2015 to 8 August 2015.

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