Alien: covenant

Looks like they decided to nix the “Prometheus sequel” and go straight into making it part of the Aliens franchise, with the new film now going by Alien: Covenant.

The news came about through Ridley Scott’s Twitter; also informing fans of the movie’s name change and release date: 6 October 2017. The movie has changed form multiple times through development, even bearing the moniker Alien: Paradise Lost at one point.

The previous Prometheus film did leave a lot of open ends; especially one that hinted that the (remaining) crew were going to visit the homeworld of the “Engineers”, the enormous aliens who seeded life on Earth. Who happened to also be responsible for the creation of the “Aliens” of the film.


There aren’t a huge amount of details yet on the movie (aside from the fact that Micheal Biehn will be starring in it) but we hope that Scott manages to bring back the classic Aliens that we know and love; and with the lore that was introduced by Prometheus (accepted canon or otherwise) there’s lots more the franchise would benefit from.

As a side note; the Alien film being worked on by Neill Blomkamp is currently put on hold while Scott’s movie is being produced. High chance that it will appear sometime in either 2018 or 2019 but we think it will be just as epic.