Wouldn’t you love to be able to take photos and print them out without having to lug around your ridiculously huge Instax or Polaroid instant camera? with the Prynt instant camera case, you can forgo all that and use your smartphone Polaroid-style.

The Kickstarter project is compatible with both Android and iOS, the case basically lets you snap a picture and immediately print it out; which is perfect for selfie lovers and shutterbugs alike who like having their digital memories made physical. Basically you plug your smartphone into the case (it connects to your phone via the microUSB charging dock) and eliminates the need for Bluetooth pairing or connection over Wi-Fi. It even has it’s own battery so it won’t leach on your phones’.

So how does it work? kinda like this:


The Prynt is designed to be modular too, so it will fit different phones, just swap out the dock or adaptor and you’re good to go. The printer is also inkless so you don’t have to worry about spillage, since the ink is in the paper. It also comes with an App that not just adds filters and the usual camera app stuff, it turns each photo into an Augmented Reality experience! When you snap a photo, the app takes a short video which it stores on the Cloud; hold your phone over the printed image and it plays the video in AR.

Does this mean we can have physical .gif files now?

The Prynt case is available in blue, white and pink, with the lowest available tier currently at $99 (about RM360)

The project is still running for a week, so hit the link to check it out!

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