Malaysia’s first ever PlayStation Experience 2017 Southeast Asia took place last weekend, and wow it was certainly something else.

It’s very, very rare to get events like this locally, and we’re glad that Sony decided to give Malaysia a chance.

Sure enough, the queues outside were ridiculous, with some people queuing for hours at a time just to get into the hall. I heard that the queue went as far as Raja Chulan station at one point, and the day was a scorcher. Even the queues inside were ridiculous, with the venue being completely crowded from the start.

Those who dared to brave the crowds got to try out unreleased games like FarCry 5, Detroit: Becoming Human, FIFA 18, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Ni No Kuni II and Taiko: Drum Master just to name a few!

If you wanted to leave, you better make sure you were ready to queue all the way in again, especially since there was no way to get back in unless you had a priority pass. Some early birds got some fun goodie bags too!

Aside from there being games from E3 2017 on display, Gamers Hideout was there to peddle their wares (namely PlayStation related goodies) and there were stage events as well, with guests straight from Japan. It was like having our very own mini E3!

While venue honestly could have been a bit better, given how cramped it was, but we hope that the PlayStation Experience comes back next year in a bigger place!

Hit up the gallery below to check out what you missed!