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Rejoice Psycho-Pass fans. The movie is coming
Rejoice Psycho-Pass fans. The movie is coming

Psycho-pass fans, here it comes! Looks like the hit anime series will be hitting the big screen in Japan on 9th January 2015.

Penned by Gen Urobochi, famous for titles Fate Zero, Magica Puella Magi Madoka and Aldnoah Zero, the series was considered a surprise sleeper hit. And to fuel further excitement Production I.G, Nitroplus and FUNimation Entertainment has released the first trailer and key visual for the movie.

As far as what’s the plot is going to be like, what is known so far is that it is set 2 years after conclusion of Psycho-Pass Season 2 the TV series (currently being show for the fall 2014 season). The TV series is currently airing in Japan and is expected to end its run by December.

So far only the producer of the movie has been announced which is FUNimation founder Gen Fukunaga. Another writer, Makoto Fukami will be writing the screenplay with Gen Urobochi.

So stay tuned for more details as they come here.

Psycho-Pass is set in a near future Japan that has managed to achieve a crime free society but at cost of increased surveillance. Citizens regular consume a drug that keeps that calm and Tokyo city is uses a supercomputer known as Sybill System that tracks and monitors everyone to detect even the slightest hint of any psycho-criminal tendency. When detected a special team is dispatched to capture or kill the targets. Think Ghost in the Shell meets Minority Report. The anime/manga follows Akane Tsumemori, a brilliant prodigy who could have any comfy job but decides to join the police force much surprise to everyone and gets more than she bargains for.

Source:  Psycho-Pass & AnimeAnime