We already have two visual novels involving pigeons and even one involving a gorilla bodyguard but are you ready for this reverse harem visual novel where your character is actually a cat? Just sprinkle beautiful graphics, an interesting plot and bunch of handsome bishounen, and you have Purrfectly Ever After.

Purrfectly Ever After takes you on an adventure with Pastel, a thieving cat who is shown kindness by one of the male characters while on a mission to save her friend (while she is still a cat). Pastel sees the damage she has caused by her greedy, food stealing and on the behest of her Fairy Godfather gets turned into a human so she can earn food honestly. Now she has to find her bearings in this brave new world, with the help of her bishie of course.

As it is, the plot is already looking quite hilarious and the project promises side-splitting comedy, over the top drama and of course, heart melting romance.

Robble robble?

The project is produced by Studio Weeev spearheaded by Malaysian Sue Ann Chan, who wants to get the game up there with otome giants like Voltage, Otomate and Rejet. As it is, the game already looks ridiculously polished and the voice acting is quite impressive, if you would take a gander at the screenshots.

As of the moment there are five characters you can choose from, with one secret character if you get all five (or more).

It seems the way the pledging works is you are paying for individual character “stories” which will likely focus on that one individual’s path, with two possible endings. Its a little odd way of doing so but at least you can sort of control which characters you are interested in pursuing, as opposed to the usual formula.

The game will be for mobile only, with the completed title set to hit iOS and Android, but the project is currently seeking to be Greenlit on Steam so there is likely a PC port in the future. The actual game itself is expected to ship sometime in Q4 2015.


The full list of features are as follows:

  • 5 characters to romance
  • 2 types of endings – Romance and Destiny
  • 10 possible endings
  • High replay value, approximately 40hrs+ of gameplay
  • Japanese voice acting
  • At least 5 event CGs per character route
  • Available in English and 日本語
  • Immersive soundtrack
  • Episodic content
  • Available in iOS and Android (Windows and Mac, only if Greenlit)
  • FREE iOS English demo available for download, please register here and we will send an invite to you
  • FREE epilogues for SALAD and above backers only
  • FREE hidden character for ENTRÉE and above backers only*

*Note: Currently, there are 5 characters planned. If the hidden character stretch goal is achieved, an additional character route will be added into the game, totalling to 6 characters.

**Note 2: SALAD and above backers will get exclusive early access to the game before it’s official release to public!

The project has already hit 100% funding but if you want to grab yourself a copy (or just back the project) you still have a few days left. There is also a iOS demo you can sign up for if you have any Apple devices as your disposal. You can check it out here or just watch the trailer below to get a taste of the voice acting and beautifully rendered scenes the game has to offer.