The new Team Fortress 2 update brings in not only a new bunch of jungle-themed maps and cosmetic items, but it lets Pyro literally fly with the new jetpack (along with some other new weapons).

The jetpack gets equipped in the secondary weapon slot, and can be earned by completing six contracts that come with the new update. The game has a total of 36 new contracts, so go nuts.

Aside from the jetpack, Pyro also gets these new weapons:

Of course, Pyro’s other flamethrowers are getting some tweaks, and while they’re mostly visual, afterburn effects are getting a change. Now burn duration is based on how long the flamethrower has been well, burning the enemy so no more hit and run puff attacks.

The update has a ton of new stuff so you might want to hit the trailer below to get a taste of it (look out for the Jurassic Park references though!)