In case you didn’t know yet, Noblesse is now a LINE Webtoon series, yay! Animated by Production I.G., the first episode, Noblesse: Awakening Animation was pretty awesome and did capture some of the major scenes in this really famous Korean manhwa.

If you’ve never followed this manhwa you should. Its a great vampire fantasy that packs detailed action scenes, tonnes of blood and has a plot that moves at a relatively good pace. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, shortnamed Rai, is a Noblesse that has just woken up from 820 years of sleep. As a very powerful being, Rai finds himself in a world that has dramatically changed and that mankind was working on various experiments to achieve immortality. Together with his loyal servant Frankenstein, the two befriend a group of high school students and they team up against a few powerful secret organizations that are battling for ultimate control over the world.

The first episode was fun to watch. However, while most of the major scenes were left in, it did cut a lot of the manhwa out and we felt maybe the overall flow was a bit rushed. Fight scenes had a nice amount of detail and was pretty close to the original artwork. Character designs were also kept pretty close although there were a couple of minor flaws like M-21’s hair being a different shade. Nevertheless, the main pull factor for the animation is still its characters and there is great eye candy for both girls and guys (alright, I’ll admit that its more for the girls… still its a good watch!)

Having said that, the full episode is below and you can decide on whether this will make your must-watch list this season. With that, happy viewing.