Fox has been on a roll lately with their burgeoning list of new TV series and the newest one to join the array is a new Rambo TV series which they just closed a deal for.

To be named Rambo: New Blood, the new series will have Sylvester Stallone on board as the executive producer. There’s apparently a chance that Stallone himself could star in the series but at the moment it isn’t concrete. Since he did star the main lead in all four Rambo movies, he’s expected to reprise his role and the series is said to center around him and his son.

The script is being written by Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive) and will focus on the complex relationship between Rambo and his soon J.R, an ex Navy SEAL while paying homage to the films. J.R is a brand new character in the Rambo franchise but it still looks like Stallone’s Rambo is going to be the main star.

However this isn’t the first time that someone has attempted to get Rambo on to the TV screen, on top of a fifth Rambo film but with the series in development it doesn’t look likely. The series could have potential as long as they could get Stallone to reprise the role but otherwise, we’re not sure how well it could fly.