Will the Leviathan bring monstrous sound to the PC?

Speakers, earphones, in-earbuds, even mini-Bluetooth speakers. Razer has pretty much got themselves into almost every audio accessory you can think off. Except the sound bar that is. Now however, that isn’t the case anymore with their new Razer Leviathan Sound Bar.

So what does it have? There’s two 63.5mm full range audio drivers and two 19mm tweeters on the Leviathan which sounds decent enough. As expected, you can use it as a normal wired analogue or optical speaker. However that’s not all it offers. On top of your usual way of connecting the speaker to a PC, the Leviathan can also be connected by way of Bluetooth 4.0, turning it into a wireless speaker. It even comes with NFC so you can easily connect it to any of your NFC equipped devices.

Of course being Razer, the Leviathan main target is gamers and we do admit that this particular form factor is perfect for people with a little less desk space. The Leviathan was designed for space economy and versatility in mind. It’s not that heavy either weighing in around 2.35kg. Need a good angle for your tunes or games? It can adjust its tilt angles to 0⁰,15⁰ and 18⁰ for optimal sound. Razer even included three preset equaliser modes tuned for gaming, music and movies.

It’s also Dolby Digital tech put in which, in simple terms, gives you virtual 5.1 channel sound, despite it being a single speaker. That’s of course with the main tweeters working in concert with the dedicated 133mm downward firing sub-woofer that able to deliver bass quality sound.

Pew Pew Pew
Pew Pew Pew

So how much is this going to cost you? You can expect to fork out RM689 for the Leviathan so be prepared to camp out at Razer’s online store when they release it sometime next month.