The Defenders logo

Netflix’s The Defender’s first trailer is finally out and we’re hyped to see all four of Netflix’s Marvel Heroes team-up to kick-ass in the new series. Releasing on 18 August this year, we’ll be seeing the return of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist as they team up against a new baddie in the city of New York.

Need a reason to get excited over The Defenders? Here are five scenes that might you interested in what’s going to come:

1. A Luke Cage and Iron Fist throw down

Danny Punching Luke, The Defenders

What happens when the man that can’t be hurt get’s punched by the man with the Iron Fist? We’d really like to know. They may be besties in the comics but this would be the first time they’re meeting in the Netflix series and we’re pretty sure they’re gonna be some misunderstandings before they buddy up.

2. That sweet close-up of Daredevil’s costumeDaredevil's Costume The Defenders

Being the only one of the four that actually has a superhero costume, it’s pretty awesome that we get to see Matt Murdock’s gear up close and personal.

3. The return of Elektra

Elektra resurrected The Defenders

Elektra is back!!! If you followed season 2 of Daredevil (spoiler alert), you’d know that the femme fatale kicked the bucket at the end of the series. However, like in the comics, no one truly stays dead in a superhero story.

4. A first look at the new baddie, Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra

Alexandra The Defenders Baddie

Not much is known about the new baddie in The Defenders other than her name Alexandra and the character being played by Sigourney Weaver. Based on the trailer alone, we’re hyped to see Sigourney Weaver play the baddie that’ll be taking on four superheroes. After all, if anyone can do it, it has to be Ripley herself.

5. Stick is back!

Stick The Defenders

Daredevil’s blind ninja mentor and all round mean sensei is back and you’ll be hearing his voice throughout the trailer. Who better to whip this nascent team into shape than the man that train Daredevil himself. Of course, we’re pretty sure he’ll be as mean and sarcastic as he’s always been.

Netflix’s The Defenders is scheduled for release on 18 August 2017 and like most of Netflix’s Marvel series, will have all episodes released on that date, so be prepared to take the day off and binge-watch it as soon as its released.