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After so many years of anguish, anger, despair and pleading…Square Enix finally bows down to the fan and announced a HD remake of one of the most beloved Final Fantasy titles – Final Fantasy VII. Eighteen years of wait and three PlayStation eras had passed before they finally decided to let it out of the bag.

During E3 2015 conference, Sony dropped the bombshell after a tidal wave of rumours circling around the remake of Final Fantasy VII to be revealed at E3 2015. The trailer hints, “Play it first on PlayStation,” which might lead to another platforms such as PC, Xbox and so on.

The fervent desire to see a remake of the game had become so consistent that it became a joke meme with Square keep dodging bullets and making excuses when anyone asked them why didn’t they do it yet. And suddenly the joke becomes awkward now since finally decided to make it happen.

No details like release date or pricing is known yet so let’s just be happy with this trailer below:

via Kotaku

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