Logitech is no stranger to gaming keyboards, and lately they’ve ventured into bolder territories to offer gamers with more choices to add to their gaming setups. Logitech claims the G310 Atlas Dawn is the lightest mechanical gaming keyboard in existence and they might just be right.

The Atlas Dawn is one of the first keyboards from the brand to sport their own special mechanical key setup, so you won’t be finding Cherry MX. Instead we have Logitech’s Romer-G switches which they claim has higher durability and allows for 25% faster key actuation.


But as far as gaming keyboards go, the Atlas Dawn is actually quite compact; being a fair bit shorter in length than your average gaming board. But this is mostly because it is missing its number pad.

If you’re into MOBAs and other games that need use of the number pad for macros, you might be in trouble here. Otherwise, it still has the mostly full assortment of keys at full size and that’s great.


Like most gaming keyboards, the Atlas Dawn has backlit keys with adjustable brightness. Just press the button on the upper right and you can choose between three levels of brightness.You can’t change the colours though, but we think anything else besides blue will clash with the keyboards’ already bluish colour scheme.

Aside from this, the keys also have a slight indent, which we feel is a nice touch. The important keys like the WASD and arrow keys have a slightly deeper indent compared to the keys on the rest of the keyboard; probably so your fingers won’t slide off. It could also just be aesthetics but that’s just our guess.

The keys themselves are quiet but they aren’t particularly silent. In terms of noise level they are close to that of the Razer Chroma Stealth edition but due to the springs they can be a bit prone to “twanging” when the board is still new. We have noticed that this eventually does  go away but it might be a bit annoying for those who don’t like louder keys.


What makes the Atlas Dawn really stand out is that it has a retractable Arx Dock built into it. Its pretty much just a piece of hard plastic that slides out of a chamber in front of the keyboard that’s designed to hold your phone while using the Arx app.

It is solid enough to accommodate a tablet and even has anti-slip pads at its foot to handle the extra weight.

The app basically acts as a CPU monitor, keeping an eye on your computer’s readings like the heat level and the CPU and Hard Disk load. As an extra function it also acts as a control panel for your music.

It’s a cool feature to have but not entirely necessary, especially if you already use an on-screen CPU monitor, but we like that we can use it to mess around with the audio.


Of course, the Atlas Dawn won’t be much a piece of gaming gear if it didn’t come with some customisation options.

Using Logitech’s Gaming Software you can create custom profiles with key settings to your preference, like disabling the function and start keys. You can also tune the keyboard’s key brightness but since the LEDs only have one colour, there’s only so much you can do here.

Last but not least, you can view the keyboard’s heat map if you want to check out which keys are you hitting the most.

Overall we feel that the keyboard is a nice compact number but aside from the odd metallic twanging sound we feel that you are pretty much getting your moneys worth. As for the lightest, we still feel that the title is a bit gimmicky considering its missing the number pad, but it’s still safely one of the lighter boards out there that’s still really nice to use.

Price: RM499

Official Site here