Razer released their first ever gaming microphone late last year, surprising the masses as the gaming giant took a step in a very different direction than its’ fans were accustomed to.

Named the Razer Seiren (pronounced Siren) the microphone is aimed to be a professional grade microphone for both the gamer, musician, podcaster and general streamer alike; and to fill an ever growing niche of people who record videos and music for YouTube and other streaming services.

Big bad microphone

Like most of Razer’s products, the Seiren is styled with copious amounts of black; with a hint of silver and of course, a huge glowing Razer logo in the front.  As a side address mic, you simply need to leave it standing with the back end facing you to begin recording.

A mic of monstrous porportions

To put it very simply, the Seiren is quite huge. Standing at about 12 inches tall, the mic is shaped like a cylinder suspended on a heavy but stable, adjustable metal stand. In terms of adjustability you pretty much can just use it to position the mic tilt, but the screws are removable so it can be taken off and put back relatively easily.

The rear of the mic is where you will find a small backlit liquid crystal display that showcases your volume, gain levels and your modes, the volume knob and a very helpful lighted mute button. There aren’t enough mics out there that come with a dedicated mute button so the inclusion of one was a good move on Razer’s part.

The front of the device is where you will find the mode changing knob as well as the gain control. The Razer logo in the here is positioned in such a way that streamers with webcams will be showing off Razer’s branding (in fact, showing off the logo is one of the requirements for Razer’s YouTube streamer program) . It can however be switched on or off with a button located on the bottom of the mic.


The underside of the mic is where you will find a mini USB port, an audio jack, the lighting button for the Seiren as well as a standard mic stand mount which also serves as where you screw in the Seiren’s pop filter should you purchase one from Razer’s store.