Robert Yang is no stranger to making rather strange games that both hold your attention captive and make you feel incredibly awkward at the same time. His latest one, Rinse and Repeat goes into whole new territory  that involves a shower and more suds than you can shake a stick at. Oh wait.

But don’t get us wrong, this game is not porn. In a similar vein to his previous games like Succulent and Stick Shift (and the many others that serve to make us all feel a little uncomfortable inside) they are hilarious as they are ridiculous with a heavy helping exaggeration. Does wearing shades into the shower make the experience cooler?

What it is however, is a rather detailed male group shower simulator that addresses the awkward experience involved with getting your lather up after gym.Granted its not something we regularly get exposed to (group showers are a rarer thing around these parts)  it’s still hilarious all the same.

The game has a significant amount of polish too, with Yang putting a lot of work into detail and water to make it a really convincing shower.

It’s pay what you want if you want to download it, and you can find it here.

You can also check out the somewhat NSFW gameplay video here:

via Kotaku