Rest in please captain, my captain.

Riot, the developer for the popular MOBA League of Legends has always developed more champions for the players to play and try with each major update, but this is the first time ever Riot has done the opposite. In the new Bilgewater event, which includes a new game mode, a new map and many other things has also disabled Gangplank from all queues and written him off as dead in the game Lore, having been killed of by longtime rival Miss Fortune.

This was unexpected news as many longtime players who has spent a lot of game time into the champion, especially those who had paid real money for skins for Gangplank. Many players have asked on the forums and even reported bugs since Gangplank has died. This prompted the developers to reassure the players that Gangplank is definitively dead and even posted an announcement telling players to remain calm for the next few days while they assess the situation and they will not be refunding any skins for that champion.

What all Gangplank players saw and screamed “Noooooooooo….!”

This has caused many players to speculate that Gangplank may not be truly gone from the roster of champions but is getting his ability kit retweaked or getting a complete character overhaul. Some players are even suspecting a bigger plan in the works which could possibly lead to the return of Gangplank as one of the undead.

Zombie pirate ghostie anyone?

via Engadget and Kotaku

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