League of Legends developer Riot Games continues to push against what it calls “toxic players”, and will lock out such gamers from their loot and crafting system for perpetuating such behaviour.

This is part of Riot’s big planned 2016 update for League of Legends, which will also include a loot system with chests and keys; which in turn will contain character rentals and skin unlocks to name a few. For those players who have been punished for toxicity or international feeding (just one of the few offenses) they literally won’t be able to get loot.

They’re still ironing out for details but they’ve confirmed that players who are consistently tagged for bad behaviour simply won’t get drops. This extends to the crafting system as well.

Previously, Riot has attempted to combat toxic players by witholding ranked season rewards, turn off default all-player chat and producing an “honor system” that allows players to rank each other based on positive actions.

There isn’t yet an official date for this update to League of Legends but they said that it will begin testing soon after a new champion select system.

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