John Romero the genius behind the classic FPS game, Doom has revealed his latest venture in the genre, BlackroomFor the project, he’ll be teaming up with id Software co-founder, Adrian Carmack to bring the game that is set in a holographic simulation gone rogue.

Blackroom will see a return to the heydey of FPS as it incorporates elements of exploration, speed, and intense, weaponized combat into the game.

For its initial release, the game will offer a ten-hour single-player campaign as well as six multiplayer maps, along with co-op, one-on-one Deathmatch and free-for-all arena modes. As expected from the duo behind the critically acclaimed Doom and Quake, the game will be fully moddable, with player-made maps expected.

To get the project off the ground, Romero is looking to raise US$700,000 via a Kickstarter campaign to get the initial development rolling.  He has revealed that the studio has partners lined up to secure additional development funding.

The game revolves around Santiago Sonora, an engineer at a leading holographic simulation company. Inevitably, the simulations take a turn for the for worse and Santiago has to set things right. As the plot of Blackroom centres on a rogue simulator, it allows for the game to feature a variety of settings; “hellish infernos to interstellar space” as well as “ruined Victorian mansions and wild west ghost towns.”

Blackroom‘s existence is initially revealed with a teaser footage of Carmack handing Romero a keyboard and mouse over breathtaking landscapes, a tribute to the final scene of Star Wars: the Force Awakens.

The game would be developed by Night Work Games, a subsidiary of Romero Games. John Romero will take on the role of game lead for the development of Blackroom and design all the levels on the FPS. While, Adrian Carmack would be responsible for the visuals of the game as his role as the art director. It will also feature the works of renown metal composer, George Lynch.

Blackroom is expected to be released in December 2018, in the meantime, support the developers with the Kickstarter campaign here.