Rooster Teeth and Tugg are currently attempting to give the theatrical treatment to Rooster Teeth’s RWBY series, and if they succeed, will be rolling out three volumes.

Having collaborated in the past on the release of Lazer Team on a cinema-on-demand model, they’re planning to do the same with RWBY, which has already been available to fans online.

Would be awesome to be able to catch it in the cinemas though. At any rate, the first feature film will release in the U.S, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

The first film is set to premiere on 27 April this year, with the second set for July and the final one sometime in October.

RWBY was originally premiered in July 2013, and has since been viewed over 21M+ times and has a huge fanbase.

RWBY is a story of four girls, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang who are students at Beacon Academy; a training ground for monster slayers known as Hunters and Huntresses. Monsters aren’t the only threat though, and they will have to work together to survive the world of Remnant.